I read this from Rick Warren’s Keys To A Blessed Life bible reading plan and just laughed at the first paragraph because it’s true. When I first began my walk with God silly prayers were answered like BOOM! Now, as I’m maturing things have changed for the better. One area that has surely tested my faith is the CPA exam. For those that don’t know the Certified Public Accounting is challenging a four part exam for accounting professionals. The CPA is dubbed one of the most difficult professional licensure exams because of it’s 45% pass rate.

I’m been studying for the CPA since March 2015. I thought and planned it would take me 6 months to completely pass all four sections. I expected to pass on all the sections on the first time, I expected to be done before my birthday in September 2015, and I expected my success would silence the naysayers. But no, I only passed BEC in 2015 and failed Audit,Regulation, and Financial. Great! But at least I passed one. 2016 came and again I was hopeful, overjoyed and empowered to finally finish this exam. January started great and I passed Audit after several tries. So, I had 2 done and 2 left. I spent the whole 2016 taking, retaking, and moving Regulation and Financial until late summer/early fall when BEC was almost expiring. I buckled down and studied hard hoping and praying I pass and never have to see the CPA again. But, no I failed FAR by 1 point and to me that was the end. I wanted to quit and my anger at God was HIGH! It was a good month of anger with God. But here I am in 2017…determined to finish CPA no matter how long it takes.

I think about two friends that:

Finished the CPA 

Had the SAME goal of passing the CPA as me

Went to the SAME undergrad as me

Took the SAME classes as me

Used the SAME study materials as me


They aren’t any better than me!

They aren’t any smarter.

They aren’t any more special.

God doesn’t love them anymore.

They just DIDN’T quit…so why should I?


  1. Empathizing post for me. Thanks! I am also preparing my whole day for cpa exam in Korea. I failded twice now but I am challenging again. We will make it this time! Cpa in korea is also very difficult in that only 7% of test takers can pass the exam. I sometimes feel chance is too rare, but I am getting through it with firm faith believing God’s power. Hope you get same energy from our god!

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