The Wait Book


The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love
I read this book late last year and thought it was an awesome book!
The main thing I like about this book: it isn’t super Holy Christian book full of bible verses that beat you up. Anyone can and enjoy it.
This book isn’t a preachy wait to have sex until marriage book that makes someone whose trying to get it right feel bad about themselves. Devon and Megan both made mistakes in their journey, so readers in the same situation can easily relate. While the book is centered around celibacy, it is so much more than just that!
The real premise of the book is: One decision to surrender a part of life can set you up to receive God’s best, not only in a mate, but in all areas of life.
Whether you are considering celibacy, have been practicing celibacy, a virgin, abstinent, or just in the mood to read an alternative viewpoint, I definitely recommend this book!
I pray that it touches you as it did me!
“When we chase the high of instant gratification, we make choices that for many reasons are irresponsible and based on poor reasoning . . . or no reasoning at all. It takes time and self-control to take in information, let people reveal their true character, be consistent and disciplined, and give conflicts time to work themselves out. Delaying gratification means working at becoming more self-aware and humble enough to admit that our first impulses aren’t always smart ones.”
― DeVon Franklin

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