Squad Up!


Often is the case I was on Youtube watching videos and on the sidebar I saw a Breakfast Club interview with¬†Yvonne Orji,¬†in which she was discussing her role as Molly in Insecure and being a 32 year old virgin.¬†Yvonne is super awesome and I’m familiar with her work from¬†P4CM¬†as a host and moderator of the series¬†The Conversation Talk Show. I wasn’t at all surprised by the interviewers(DJ Envy,¬†Angela Yee, and¬†Charlamagne Tha God.) disbelief and questioning of Yvonne as The Breakfast Club isn’t for the weak.

What annoyed me the most was the comments section. The idea that no one in the world can discipline themselves sexually and exert self control is baffling, because everyone is having sex(eye roll).

I coined the term Unicorn Squad since many do not believe it is possible to exercise self-control in one’s sexual life. Unicorns don’t exist and so do the people¬†going against society’s grain and not increasing their body count.

So…let the unicorns unite!


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